Sunday, 29 July 2012

Creavtive/Portrait Photography

It has been too long since I last updated my blog, I've started work in the last couple of weeks though and that has been taking up a lot of my time...obviously. It has been good fun though and I'm settling in well already. The biggest problem I've found since starting the job is that I now don't have as much time to practice the techniques I've been learning through the Eyes Open Photography Course I'm doing.

We are just about to enter week 6 (the last week), so I took the opportunity to catch up on things that we've been taught over the past 2 weeks this morning, Creative Photography and Portrait Photography. As you will see from the following photos, I roped my wife Cathryn in to act as my willing model!

We had great fun trying to find creative ways to take interesting portraits. I really like the one that is shot through the chain-link fence, I think it frames her face really well and adds an extra dimension to what would otherwise be a 'normal' photograph.

I also like the ones where I've used a leaf or flower to add colour to the portrait, this is a great technique which I've learnt from the course, it's so cool to see what kind of results you can get and how it changes your photos, adding colour and a vintage look. I know that I'll be forever picking up leaves and flowers now when I'm taking photos!!!

I have also been announced as the winner of this week's give-away! Woohoo!!! I am the lucky person who has won a 1/2 hour private Skype lesson with Erin from alovesupremephotography. To say I am excited about this is an is such an amazing opportunity to be able to ask her any questions I have, which will help me to develop my photography. 

Shooting through a fence!

Shooting through blossom.

Blown out background.

Detailed framing.

Adding colour with a leaf.

Adding colour with a flower.

Shooting through grass & flowers.


  1. Oh I wondered who won it! Lucky you!
    I am feeling behind as well, between work, other commitments and the rain I am not having much luck!

    I look forward to hearing how your 30 mins goes!


    1. I meant to say That your photos are looking great!