Sunday, 12 August 2012

Super Saturday!

It is rare that Cathryn and I have a really relaxing and chilled out day but last Saturday was an exception to that rule...we made a point of sleeping in for a while and then having a bumper 'breckie' (that's Australian for breakfast by the way) of pancakes and fresh OJ!

We then took a quick stroll around town so I could pick up the latest copy of Movement Bodyboard Mag, Cathryn could by herself a couple of nice little bits and pieces and I could finally get a new key cut for the car so I can go surfing without having to drag Cathryn along to 'car sit' while I'm getting to grips with the local breaks. 

A nice steaming cuppa and the amazing photos in Movement got me amped for a surf of my own so I left Cathryn to bask in the beautiful winter sunshine that was streaming in through the bedroom window, while I took my new board for its maiden voyage! I surfed at 13th Beach for the first time and stayed in until it was pretty much dark, dropping into my best Aussie waves to date, perfect and hollow 3ft pits with plenty of power and fun ramps to play with!

I love days like this and hope that we can have more and more of them as we start to settle and build a home for ourselves in our new surroundings.





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