Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Great Ocean Road

Last weekend Cathryn and I were lucky enough to have had our first 'guests' come and visit us. Adam and Nikki have recently moved to Melbourne from the UK too and this was the first opportunity we'd had to all meet up down in Geelong and spend some time together. 

They hadn't really left Melbourne much since arriving and I think they were pretty keen to see some of the Australian coastline, so we decided to take them to Torquay and Bells Beach on Saturday afternoon followed by a slightly longer drive down to Lorne on Sunday.

It was the first weekend of Spring and you could really tell, the weather was gorgeous on both days and we really made the most of it, taking in some of the beautiful beaches that make up the first, small portion of The Great Ocean Road. We paddled in the crystal clear seas, soaked up the sun, ate noodles on the beach and generally just enjoyed being outside and taking in some of the great things our new surroundings have to offer.

After lunch we decided to head inland to a little secluded spot up in the hills behind Lorne called Erskine Falls, where we found the amazing waterfall, which we all loved. We were keeping our eyes peeled for Koalas up in the trees but unfortunately didn't spot any this time.

We really had a lovely couple of days hanging out with Adam and Nikki and are already planning on heading up to Melbourne soon to see their new flat and discover a bit more of 'Melbs' with them.

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  1. Love it dude. Glad the sun is finally coming out