Sunday, 20 January 2013

Happy New Year - Treats From Ona

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year with your loved ones and got lots of wonderful presents. Cathryn and I were spoilt by ours as always but despite this I decided to treat myself to some new camera gear last week...lets call it a Happy New Year to Me present! 

I've been wanting to get a camera bag for ages but have never been able to find one I like, to be quite honest, the ones you see on the high street are pretty drab and uninspiring so I was really excited when Cathryn stumbled across a brand from the U.S. called Ona. They have a really nice range of bags and accessories like the Bowery bag and the Lima strap that arrived on my doorstep this morning. 

The Bowery bag is the perfect size for my Canon 600D and still has plenty of room to fit a spare lens in too. It has some great features, such as a rear book pocket (perfect for stashing your journal or guidebooks in when wandering around), a phone pocket at either end and a few interior pockets for spare batteries/films etc...

As for the Lima strap, this is a huge improvement on the ugly generic Canon EOS strap that I had before, its beautifully made, with a nicely padded neck section, belt style adjustable fastenings and extremely subtle branding on the rivets.

In short, I'm absolutely delighted with both products and cannot wait to start using them and getting out and about with my camera more and more as the year pushes on.