Sunday, 27 April 2014


Part Three of our Australian road trip finds us in the Blue Mountains, NSW. The drive up from Sea Cliff Bridge was pretty nondescript to be honest, taking in a variety of motorways, industrial estates and small suburban Sydney say it was uninspiring is pretty fair. However, this just meant that the view which we were greeted with when we pulled up at Wentworth Falls was magnified a hundred times over! The view from the top of the falls was breathtaking...seeing the cliffs, valleys and Eucalypts  stretching out before us for as far as the eye could see was unreal.

The temptation of paddling in one of the pools about 150m below us was too strong to resist, so we decided to tackle the decent (and climb back up) in sweltering 30+ degree heat. There were times when we regretted our choice but they were all forgotten when we looked up the cliff face and saw the falls coming down in front of us. We sat with our feet cooling in the fresh water whilst we soaked in the beauty of the nature that was all around us.

The beauty of the Blue Mountains really is something you have to witness yourself to truly appreciate.  Whilst the majority of people rave about the Three Sisters and other such landmarks, Cathryn and I both agreed that trecking through the bush to get a view of 'The Wall' (the Aussies really aren't that great at coming up with original names for things), which you see in the bottom 5 photos, outweighed any other panorama we saw there. It really was spectacular!

Another sight that we'll remember for a very long time is the evidence of the terrible bush fires that destroyed large areas of the forests, including some communities, just a matter of months before we were there. Seeing the charred trunks of trees as we drove and walked through the landscape was something that we hadn't anticipated seeing and it really did remind us that Mother Nature really is the mistress of us all.

To be continued...

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