Monday, 9 June 2014


On Saturday we travelled down to the beautiful Cornish town of Fowey, to photograph the fabulous wedding of Emelie and Alan. However, a week or so before we got together one evening for a little sail on the river and this gorgeous engagement shoot.

Emelie and Alan are both keen sailors and having actually met on a boat in the Caribbean a few years ago, there really was no other place to shoot an engagement session with them, than on their lovely sailing boat, Iolite. Having previously told Alan about my absolutely dreadful seasickness and general discomfort of being on boats, I think he took great pleasure in making me board not one, not two but three boats during the course of the evening!

In all honesty though, I couldn't have gotten seasick if I tried, spending time in this pair's company was remedy enough for even the queasiest of stomachs! The sheer love, respect and admiration they have for one another is just amazing and a joy to witness first hand. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and spending time with such a beautiful couple.

Please check back soon to see the photos of their wonderful big day too! In the meantime however, here's a little sneak peek for you...

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