Friday, 15 August 2014


I have to start by saying that Jenni and Tom's gorgeous wedding day at Burnicombe Farm hardly felt like a wedding at all! It felt more like a big party, a celebration of their love for one another. Of course, I know that that is what a wedding is anyway but this really did feel different. 

Jen, her bridesmaids and her mum and beautiful daughter Maya got themselves ready in their camping lodge where they had been holidaying for the week leading up to the big day. Not a hairdresser or make-up artist in sight, just a a group of ladies getting themselves ready whilst having a laugh and a joke whilst T In The Park played on the TV in the background and a couple of bottles of Bucks Fizz got emptied...I really can't think of a more relaxing morning than this. Jen looked stunning in her Grace Loves Lace gown, (which only got delivered from Australia a few days before the wedding)...honestly I can't think of a cooler bride, Jen didn't even seem worried that it might not have arrived on time!!!

Arriving at the venue and seeing Tom laughing with their guests, whilst wearing his checked shirt and Carthartt trousers, again reinforced that they wanted this day to feel like a party and not a traditional wedding.  He wasn't fussed about wearing a suit or a tie, because he wanted to feel relaxed and at ease and to be able to enjoy himself as much as possible. We were here to have fun and enjoy being in Jen and Tom's company. The fact that there was a ceremony, a couple of readings and a heavy dousing of confetti was just a bonus!

The relaxed atmosphere was aided by the free flowing local ale and cider and one of the most epic playlists I've heard in a long time. I can't count the number of times I must have muttered 'what a tune' to myself during the course of the afternoon. Also seeing all of the children that were there running around and enjoying the Devon countryside kind of rubbed off on the adults, everyone felt so at home and they were all able to let their hair down a bit. 

The barbecue was delicious and was expertly cooked by Burnicombe Farm's lovely Georgina and her wonderful staff. Their beautiful tipis, having been decorated with multicoloured Mexican bunting and an amazing light-up J & T by family and friends too. 

Spending time with Jenni, Tom, baby Maya and their wonderful friends and family was an absolute pleasure. Seeing two people who are so happy and comfortable in each other's company truly is a privilege and its what makes doing this job so enjoyable and so much fun! Oh, I forgot to mention that their first dance song was Arcade Fire's 'Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)', I think that kind of sums up just how awesome Jenni and Tom are and how amazing their day was!