Thursday, 7 August 2014


It's now August, which means it must be time for another monthly Playlist. I'm really happy with this one, there are some fantastic tracks for you all to enjoy in there, some mellow and some a little bit more upbeat! Again, I hope that you come across something you haven't heard before and you really enjoy.

Let me know your thoughts...

Track listing:
1.  Hand In Hand  -  Walking On Cars
2.  Backroads  -  Lonely The Brave
3.  Swim  -  Fickle Friends
4.  Sweater Weather  -  The Neighbourhood
5.  Hunger Of The Pine  -  Alt-J
6.  Never Gonna Change  -  Broods
7.  Lemonade Lake  -  Jungle
8.  Repeat Pleasure -  How To Dress Well
9.  Juramidam  -  Nick Mulvey
10.  Take Me To Church  -  Hozier
11.  Station Approach  -  Sam Airey
12.  Red Dust  -  James Vincent McMorrow
13.  Brave Face  -  Josh Kumra
14.  Gorbachev  -  41st and Home
15.  Fire-Scene  -  S. Carey

Check out the full playlist here

You can also watch the video for Walking On Cars' epic Hand in Hand right here...

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