Monday, 27 October 2014


This blog post is so long overdue it just isn't funny...or excusable. Unfortunately I haven't really found much time to sit down and do things like this much recently. Since my last post Cathryn and I have moved (yes again!), to Falmouth, Cornwall and our lives have been turned upside down a little bit. Still I think we're pretty settled into our new little lives now and I hope to be able to share some of it with you all on a regular basis again now.

As you can see, this post is all about one of favourite spots in the world, let alone on our Aussie is of course the stunning Whitsunday Islands. Setting off on a ferry from Airlie Beach early one morning, red and sore from too much sun the day before, we honestly couldn't have anticipated the sheer beauty that we were about to enjoy for a day.

I honestly find it hard to put into words just how spectacular a place it is. Each island is staggeringly perfect, white sandy beaches, luscious greenery, crystal clear warm waters, which are teaming with corals and's just idyllic. If there was one thing we both hoped we would see on this little excursion, it was turtles, we both love them and we were so fortunate that when we snorkelled off the shore of Whitehaven beach this morning, we saw one just a few feet ahead of us, swimming gracefully and effortlessly through his ocean paradise. If you have ever seen one of these creatures in the wild you will probably understand me when I say that they are the most peaceful looking things I have ever seen. They're simply amazing creatures!

If you could choose one place in the world to pitch up and spend a day on the beach, you'd be hard pushed to find somewhere better than Whitehaven beach. A long crescent shaped bay, bordered by rainforest and 30+ degree waters, this small strip of sand is utterly blissful. To top it off, the staggering, Hill Inlet sits at one end, with its shifting tidal sands and waters creating one of the worlds most beautiful natural wonders.

I can remember sitting on the ferry that evening, in total awe of this beautiful world which we are privileged to live on. This is one place that you have to visit in your lifetime... I know I'll be back there one day!

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